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Program/ Event Planner

This is a VOLUNTEER position with no guarantee of salary or reimbursement

Miracles for Vets as a non-profit requires the work and collaborative efforts of the entire team. joining our team as an event/ program planner will offer great experience for future endeavours. this position will offer the ability and opportunity to learn and use valuable skills in a self driven environment ​with limited supervision,  

  • Develop and maintain program plans and schedules within the constraints of scope, schedule, cost and quality.

  • Provide planning support for projects including scheduling, budgeting, performance monitoring, analysis reporting, expediting, personnel planning and purchasing.

  • identifying process improvement opportunities.

  • Track and analyze program performance and identify conflicts in resource requirements, schedules and approaches

Grant Writer

This is a VOLUNTEER position with no guarantee of salary or reimbursement

Grant writing can be a fast-paced profession. Grant writers may work on several projects at once under tight deadlines. Government policies and online submission processes change frequently. The availability of funding also fluctuates, so grant writers must develop a diversified network of funding organizations. Though challenging, grant writing can also be personally and professionally rewarding. 

Nonprofit  grant  writers  prepare  grant proposals,  beginning  by  performing  research. To  develop  their proposals,  grant  writers  familiarize  themselves  with  an organization's  programs,  goals  and  financial  needs.  They  also  look  into  potential funding  sources.  After  compiling  all  the  information  they  need,  grant  writers compose  and  send  their  proposals.

Grant  writers  must  also  keep  careful  records  to  track  their  proposals.  If  a  grant-making  organization  requests  additional  information,  nonprofit  grant  writers  supply the  missing  items.  In  some nonprofits,  grant  writers  have  additional  duties,  which may  include  managing  volunteers,  working  with  an  executive  board,  planning  fund-raising  campaigns  and  promoting  the  organization  through  public  relations  work.

MUST be able to :

Draft,  Write, Edit and Submit professional letters and emails  

Communicate well within a Team Setting/ Environment

Document and Record Progress and Compile and Report data collected to Team Leadership

PLEASE be willing to put in the work as the reward will come as we assist our veterans with our missions and dream. 


This is a VOLUNTEER position with no guarantee of salary or reimbursement

As a Miracles for Vets Mechanic you will play a vital role in one of our founding programs/ services we offer our Vets, Keeping them mobile. You will be working in conjunction with Miracles for Vets leaders in order to maintain vehicles for our veterans

General Responsibilities 

Performing maintenance, construction and repair tasks that require knowledge and application of a variety of trade practices associated with such occupations  
Completing installations, modifications, and repairs, and loads and tests systems, circuits, equipment, and controls with little or no check during the progress or upon completion of work; and 
Testing systems and equipment after completing work for proper circulation, flow, pressures, and leak-free joints. 
Travel Required 
Occasional travel - You may be expected to travel for this position. 


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