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M4V conversation starter

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our first merchandise shirt has gotten some slight upgrades, the M4V Conversation starter is a great way to gather some interest in M4V when people ask what it stands for and where you got it.

All M4V shirts are printed on white cotton and sizes range from S-XXL. Shirts are made to order and may require additional process time to receive, please allow up to 10 business days for production and additional 7-10 days for shipping.

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Please allow up to 10 business days for production as currently all merchandise is made to order. 

All Tshirts are printed on 100% white, unisex, cotton and feature the M4V logo on the left breast area. 

Due to current restrictions, sizes available range from S-XXL only. 

Additional Merchandise items may be available for preorder at events and fundraisers. 

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Due to current system limitations designs may cycle with new content so please check back often. 

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